UGSTORE Get Out Virus Card with Mobile Radiation Shield 60 Days- Pack of 10

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UGSTORE VIRUS GET OUT Sanitization Card with Built in Mobile Radiation Shield 60 Days Validity Period

Package Included:
10 x Sterilization Card
10 x Lanyard
Product Name: Air Sterilization Card
Color: As Shown
Material: Herbal
Validity Period: 60 Days After Opening(the valid period may change according to the place of use and the situation)
Working Principle:
Kill virus bacteria in the surrounding space by continuously emitting harmless herbal diffusion
Note: get rid of planktonic bacteria, and other viruses (not all bacteria are cleared).
- Lightweight and small, easy to carry.
- Harmless and safe to human body, safe and secure use.
- Suitable for public places, public transportation, school, offices, cinemas, shopping malls and other scenes.
- With lanyard, easy to wear, can be hung directly on the chest, can also be placed in the pocket, disinfection and sterilization anytime, anywhere.
- Please refrain from using it if you are allergic to it.
- Because of the characteris

 Anti Mobile Radiation Shield can effectively remove phenomena such as head ache, insomnia and hair loss.
When you are enjoying the convenience brought by modern technology every day, have ever thought about that your health has suffered about the invisible killer of this electromagnetic radiation unknowingly?
(2)Radiation of M.P. is mainly more harmfully on the head, it can cause the function obstacles of central nervous system which can cause many symptoms, such as headaches dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess, hair loss and etc. 


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