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Strictly stated:
Balloons are forbidden to use "hydrogen (hydrogen) gas!" hydrogen  gas  balloon danger. If you accidentally touch lighters, cigarette butts, stoves, gas stoves, etc. when playing the air ball, these will cause the balloon to burst and explode, not only may burn the child, but also May endanger life. For safety reasons, this wave ball with a lever handle is highly recommended. It can be played anytime, anywhere, and 100% safe.

Description of the balloon:
The weather is cold and the adaptability of the skin to temperature is getting worse. Causes poor flexibility and easy to blast! Be sure to pull up, down, left and right before blowing!


[Name]: LED luminous balloon
[contain]: One a 18cm balloon,One a 70cm stick (holder), no battery
[Note]:  All products are 2 batteries,The version of the handheld handle is sent randomly (not the picture), subject to the actual product received by the buyer.
[Size]: Plane diameter 18cm (This product is not a simple one-time small LED electronic light, please do not compare each other)
[Material]: Latex LED lamp (length 3 meters, 4 color light bar, monochrome light bar) 20 cm in diameter before filling, the diameter of the filling gas can reach 38 to 40 cm
[Risk]: After inflation, please use it safely, pay attention to the risks in use
[Battery]: The electric energy is an external battery. The switch can be replaced. The 3-meter LED display effect, the customer buys the battery himself.
[Remarks]: Please buy in the local area! (We only provide balloons. The helium inside requires the customer to buy it locally.)









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