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iPhone 5SE Display complete with digitizer


Available in black and white color. We will call you after you place the order to confirm the color.

Stock 100

PID: 485
Product Description

  • Apple iPhone is very fragile and must be repaired by qualified technician only.
  • Replacement not eligible if mistake is made during fixing ( lines on screen are common fixing issue.
  • Before fixing the Screen, just connect the connectors to the motherboard and test everything is working.
  • Do not remove the front and back stickers, till the screen is verified to be working. (ONCE THE STICKERS ARE REMOVED THE WARRANTY IS VOID).
  • A Technician can test the screen very easily by connecting it to the motherboard of your phone Go to dial pad and dial numbers, Go To Messages and type a message. Use the Digitizer just like you use your phone every day. When you are certain that everything is working fine, you can do final installation.

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